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Sky is the UK’s leading satellite television provider, serving 13 million customers in the UK.

Being at the forefront of innovation by constantly expanding and refining their product offering through premium content, such as their recent partnership with Netflix and the launch of Sky Q, Sky recognized that Afiniti could help in their mission to positively impact the lives of their customers and secure their position as one of the leading entertainment and communications businesses globally.


In an industry facing strong cost pressures, Sky knew it had to outperform competitors without undertaking significant risk or additional capital expenditures. Sky was initially seeking to optimize their inbound telesales channel to increase new customer acquisitions.

Sky partnered with Afiniti to further improve their contact center performance in the UK. Afiniti contracted with Sky on a pay-for-performance model, in which the client took no material risk in exchange for a percentage of the value of each incremental customer delivered.

Sky Case Study

Afiniti and Sky have been working together for 4 years. See how Afiniti works with our clients during deployment.

Afiniti’s Assignment

In 2014, Afiniti first deployed in Sky’s inbound telesales queue across 400 agents.

The initial deployment cycle spanned 10 weeks across 2 sites. The results were immediate with an increase in sales conversion rates. The attachment rate, which measures the number of additional products bought by a new customer, also increased by 4% when Afiniti was active.

10 Week Deployment

12,000 Agents Live

18 Sites

Afiniti’s Assignment

Enterprise Expansion

Following the success with telesales, Sky saw the value in optimizing key performance metrics across the rest of the business.

The additional queues they optimized with Afiniti, including retention, upgrades, downgrades and service, were rolled out between 2015 and 2017, equating to a total of 12,000 agents live across 18 sites in the UK and Ireland. Starting in 2018, Afiniti deployed across the remaining business areas, including Sky’s re-instates, mobile products, and outbound campaigns as well as scoping expansion across the Republic of Ireland, Sky Italia and Sky Deutschland.

Given the strength of the strategic partnership, Sky and Afiniti are also jointly working on the development of new products, including for expansion within non-voice channels.


Ongoing Relationship

Afiniti’s results have exceeded the client’s expectations. Afiniti maintains an exceptionally close relationship with Sky and participates as a strategic partner in helping Sky grow its leadership position in the Pay-TV space.

A key component of the success is the Afiniti University program, in which senior executives from Sky’s marketing, finance, sales and technology teams spend dedicated time off-site understanding the fundamentals of Afiniti’s design, approach and benefits. As equally important as the knowledge exchange between the partners is the opportunity to build an ongoing relationship between the teams, including internally at Sky between teams that would not otherwise have the chance to collaborate.

On an operational level, the partnership between Sky and Afiniti encompasses an ongoing dialogue on changes in the different business areas, including changes in training, advisors, and incentive structures as well as upcoming marketing and sales initiatives. Afiniti continuously adjusts its Artificial Intelligence algorithms based on this information to ensure ongoing peak performance. Given the strength of the partnership, Afiniti is embedded into Sky to such an extent that we are a consideration in Sky projects during the planning stages, both to provide support and to ensure continued optimal performance of Afiniti.