Data Partners

Global data team

Data is central to our business at Afiniti and plays a vital role in feeding our AI engine to improve the quality of interactions.

Our Data Strategy & Acquisition team collaborates with dozens of data companies around the globe to secure the highest performing data assets. Through an extensive modeling and production testing software suite, we are able to select and deploy the best variables for each use case.

Our data providers may include:

  • 3rd party data companies
  • Social networks
  • Mobile, broadband and video network operators
  • Career and hiring websites
  • Loyalty programs/retail purchase data

Some of our premier data partners are detailed below.

With more than 30 years of industry experience, Experian is one of the world’s premier global data providers. Experian’s “Data-to-the-edge” platform provides a highly flexible and scalable event driven architecture that enables low latency/high concurrency data lookups to meet Afiniti’s high-volume demands.

Experian’s consumer data enables Afiniti to optimize the pairing of consumer callers to agents by identifying their behaviors, preferences and drivers…the foundations of great customer experiences and interactive relationships.

Acxiom has developed the world's most advanced omni-channel identity graph, enabling them to provide consumer data to the world’s most successful companies, many of which are also Afiniti customers.

9 of the top 10 telecom and media companies
9 of the top 10 insurance providers
7 of the top 10 retail banks
7 of the top 10 credit card companies

Acxiom’s “Identity Resolution” solution enables Afiniti to recognize consumers accurately, in a privacy compliant way, and deterministically match data at a tremendous scale across a broad set of identifiers including phone numbers, postal addresses, email addresses and more.

Data Partners