Avaya and Afiniti formed a strategic partnership in 2018. Afiniti is embedded natively in all Avaya platforms

Devconnect Partner

11 Years

Founding Member

AI Connect

Avaya Deployments

90+ Global

Afiniti and Avaya: Strategic Alliance

Avaya and Afiniti have a decade long DevConnect partnership delivering best in class smart routing technology to some of the world’s biggest brands.

Avaya is a leader in helping organizations around the world succeed by integrating communications with business strategy and operations. Over 90% of the world's Fortune 500 companies rely on Avaya.

Avaya’s exclusive partnership with Afiniti provides world leading customer pairing through native integrations across CC Elite, Oceana, Spoken and POM.

Avaya customers using Afiniti pairing will have their investments supported like any other Avaya product or service by a dedicated team of Afiniti specialists who can help with deployments and integrations.

There is close collaboration between the partners to deliver a best in class customer pairing telephony solution, and Avaya featured Afiniti at Avaya Engage when it launched the A.I.Connect program

Jim and Zia talk AI

Jim Chirico, Avaya's CEO, and Zia sat down to talk about our new partnership and the world of AI

Native Integration

An industry first native AI integration.

The native integration of Afiniti means that Avaya products will ship with Afiniti embedded and will require no further telephony work to enable Afiniti Enterprise Behavioral Pairing™. This reduces deployment time and delivers greater value to our shared customers by up to 80%.

"Our mission is to expose data in ways that make it easy to understand and then automate and predict"

Laurent Philonenko

(CTO, Avaya)

Native Integration

Ongoing Relationship

Zia Chishti, CEO and Founder of Afiniti, shared some words on the Afiniti - Avaya partnership:

“This first-of-a-kind partnership highlights the shift in the communications and collaboration marketplaces towards artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies as a transformational tool for large enterprise."

“Today, Afiniti’s AI is helping save lives and delivering billions of dollars in profitability to our global clients. Our new partnership and native integration with Avaya will accelerate the pace at which our joint clients will drive precisely measurable value to their shareholders and customers.”

To learn more about the value this partnership brings our clients, read No Jitter’s coverage of our presentation at Avaya Engage.