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BY Yúbal FM

Dated: 9th January 2017 (Translated from the Original Language)

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Until now, the call centers answered the calls in the simplest possible way, the first agent that picked up a call kept it. But it could all be about to change forever with a company that wants to use Big Data to deliver a more personalized experience based on your personal tastes.

The technology is developing a startup called Afiniti International Holdings Ltd..As reveals the Wall Street Journal , the system searches your phone number at least 100 databases for, depending on what you learn about yourself, choose to consider the best agent to take your call.

Afiniti technology seeks on the one hand your business and credit profile to know what to expect from you. But then, their databases also reviewed your behavior by what you write publicly on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. With this, when calling a call center you will be redirected with an agent who, based on his own history, the program knows that he has been able to properly serve other clients with profiles similar to yours.

Personal data are only used by the algorithm to match calls with agents, and any agent can see the personal information of the caller. Even so, this technology has already begun to receive complaints from privacy advocates, mainly because similar practices are beginning to see themselves in more and more companies.

“With this technology you have a very accurate prediction of likely behavior,” explains Zia Chishti, founder of Afiniti. “The machine-learning allows us to decipher patterns … in a way that is more effective than chance.”

Call centers will know more about us soon

Afiniti defends criticism from privacy advocates ensuring that only obtains information from databases legitimately available to buy. In the case of social networks, they say that they only review the messages that have been shared publicly, paying special attention to posts about travel or purchases of certain products.

As he explains Wall Street Journal, Afiniti is not the only company that is doing profiles of those who call customer services and other call centers. There are ots like the American Mattersight, which also links agents with calls based on the personality of the customers. This is determined by reviewing the recordings of previous calls of the same customer, a technology that is being used by more and more companies.

These types of systems that help call centers better satisfy their customers, and are helping to increase the number of sales. This is making companies that match clients with agents rapidly up in value, so hopefully the practice begins to spread more and more.

So you know, the next time you go to interact with a call center may be a managing your call algorithm that knows everything about you, especially because you’re still sharing that information publicly on social networks.

The next stop for this technology are the physical stores. Afiniti is already working on a system of facial recognition to identify customers a physical establishment, so a call like algorithm can select the best employee on staff to talk to each client.

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