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Virgin Media


Virgin Media, part of the Liberty Global group, is one of the UK’s leading telecommunications providers, serving over 5 million customers.

Virgin Media want to capitalise on their competitive advantage of building and owning one of the major independent cable networks not reliant on OpenReach, the former state-owned telephony network. The performance of their contact centers is integral to this strategy of both acquiring and retaining new customers. The UK is a saturated market for cable and broadband, with all network operators competing intensely over the same customer pool. As a result, the executive suite identified a strategy to improve the retention of its customers, most of whom incurred high investments to acquire, by improving the retention rates in Virgin Media’s inbound call centers.

In order to accomplish a higher level of performance, without taking on significant risk or undertaking new capital expenditure, Virgin Media initially contracted Afiniti on a pay-for-performance basis, under which Virgin Media made no significant upfront investment while Afiniti assumed the entire commercial risk.


Afiniti’s Assignment

Virgin Media began a dialogue with Afiniti in 2016 to improve the customer value retained within the call center environment.

The objective was to use Afiniti’s behavioral pairing technology to improve contact center performance results.

Afiniti was deployed in 2016 across 1,000 agents handling inbound consumer retention at sites based across the UK, replacing Virgin Media’s historical ‘first-in first-out’ call flow model with Afiniti’s Enterprise Behavioral Pairing®. The results were immediate: retention save rates jumped and Virgin Media could precisely measure the ongoing positive impact through Afiniti’s patented benchmarking process.

The design and implementation stages were completed within 4 weeks across the existing telephony systems with no interruptions to operations. Afiniti offered to cover all upfront capital expenditure investment and also accepted the entire commercial risk in exchange for a revenue share of the precisely measurable uplift.

Cisco PBX Integration

4 Week Deployment

3,000 Agents Live

3 sites

Afiniti’s Assignment

Ongoing Relationship

Afiniti’s results exceeded Virgin Media’s expectations and led to further discussions on how, as partners, we can further increase the value Afiniti delivers across the business.

The relationship between Afiniti and Virgin Media spans several layers, multiple business functions, and is critical to the mutual success of the partnership. The project governance is light-touch, yet far-reaching, and involves many different formats ranging from the formal weekly, monthly, and quarterly updates, to the less formal day-to-day touchpoints with key stakeholders and off-site events.

Overall, Afiniti maintains a strong and expanding relationship with Virgin Media. Together, we believe that delivering the highest possible level of customer experience is critical to long-term success.

Virgin Media